Happiness is a choice.

If you prefer to be happy, you should live this decision with all its intensity, colors and enthusiasm.

Because the thing we call "living" is a gift presented to life. And life is a gift presented to humans.

"Color Your Life"

Behind the Idea

Yiğit Tellioğlu, who lives in different parts of the world, thinks that the concept of home does not depend on location, but directly depends on one's point of view. Yiğit's story of creating Vitelli Design Studio started with his desire to transform the houses in the various countries he stayed in into living houses.

Since the concept of a “ living house” contains many positive emotions, all collections are designed with an intellectual concern that can convey emotions such as sharing, self-rewarding, and collecting colorful memories.

According to Yiğit, art should be in a collective movement. For this reason, collaborations are made with young and talented designers while creating Vitelli collections. Vitelli has a brand status with an important mission where talented artists can get to know themselves.